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Eco-Conscious Travel Series #1: Khao Sok, Thailand

In the first Circular Wellness Eco-Conscious Travel series, we take you to Khao Sok, Thailand in collaboration with Our Jungle Camp Eco Resort.

Our Jungle Camp boasts a long list of sustainable efforts and goals making it easy for their guests to leave with a very light footprint on the environment. The eco-resort checks off many aspects of our eco-conscious travel guide and we highly recommend supporting their wonderful establishment!

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Sustainable Efforts

Our Jungle Camp Eco Resort’s sustainable efforts are impressive and ever evolving. The property, in fact, is impressively and comfortably minimal and is run on very little energy. The Tree Houses, Earth Houses, Bungalows, and main guest areas are made with natural, renewable, and sustainable materials like bamboo and clay.

The Camp also has a growing awareness and effort to reduce their plastic consumption, providing all the rooms with fresh water tanks and reusable cups. This eliminates about 5,000 plastic bottles a month, which is pretty substantial particularly during their busy seasons.

Other efforts are being made to redirect their plastic output in regards to laundry detergent and other related items needed to maintain the property. We were very excited to learn of their sourcing efforts to support local and sustainable products as well, recently including reclaimed laundry bags into the mix. They are also making an excellent effort in rethinking plastic waste and food waste in regard to their onsite restaurant.

Organic Farming and Farm to Table Dining

One of my favourite things about Jungle Camp is its organic farm and the farm to table dining experience they provide for their guests.

The camp employees two to three full-time farmers and has quite a substantial garden area where they grow an abundance of organic fruits, vegetables, and other home-grown products free of pesticides. Common crops you can find growing in their gardens are rice, pumpkin, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, broccoli with a full variety of wild banana and papaya. The hibiscus and papaya harvests make for delicious homemade jams, and the indigenous Thai herbs and spices are a savoury addition to any dish.

The camp also offers high-quality cooking classes for their guests, this is truly an enriching experience. You are lead through the farm to pick the produce you will use in class. Alternatively, you are always welcome to stroll through the farm or bring your children along to pick some vegetables that they can enjoy!


Khao Sok National Park

Our Jungle Camp coexists in a pristine part of nature directly on the Khao Sok River, the camp is consciously designed within the ecosystem and actively aims to preserve its beauty and natural state.

Khao Sok National Park is also an integral part of the resort's appeal and the park boasts its own awesome conservation efforts in itself. However, the camp plays an important role in ecotourism for the National Park through its promotion and interaction with their guests encouraging them to control and carry out tourism more sustainably.

The Camp also promotes ethical interaction with elephants, we visited The Hillside Retreat Khao Sok Elephant Sanctuary home to elderly domestic female elephants retired or rescued from the tourism trade. Guests can help feed and bathe the elephants, no rides are offered at this sanctuary. All visits aid in the upkeep and food for the elephants to live happy lives.

Immersion in Nature & Nature Activities

Cheow Lan Lake

Aside from conservation efforts and ecotourism, Our Jungle Camp aims to help their guests connect to nature by offering a wide range of activities to do just that! Our Jungle Camp and their sister resort, Our Jungle House, have been pioneering nature tourism with meticulously crafted experiences since 1975.

Guest can responsibly enjoy Khao Sok National Park hiking tours, canoeing, visits to the elephant sanctuaries, overnight camping, night safaris, hot spring dipping, river tubing, rafting, trekking and cave adventures, and epic stays on Cheow Lan Lake.


Our Jungle Camp offers a subsidised free nature camp for the local Thai children from all walks of life. The mission is to connect the youth with the surrounding environment.

Your visit to the resort will subsidise the on-site nature camp for Thai children allowing them to experience, appreciate, and learn about nature through guided nature trails, bird watching, and tubing down the river for example.

Children are shown how to plant, care for, and harvest trees following the King Rama IX sustainability agricultural project which teaches children the skills to be sustainable in their everyday lives. The kids learn about traditional cuisines and jungle medicine and how they relate to health and wellbeing.

Other aspects of the camp teach kids how to bamboo weave, collect flowers and paint. Guests are also invited to participate in the Nature Education Weekend Camps in order to emphasise cultural travel and integration.

Be sure to say hello to our friends at Our Jungle Camp Eco Resort during your visit! Best time to visit is “green season” which is from May to October. Within this time, periods of wet and dry weather alternate, rain comes in June & September. Happy eco travels!


123/1 Moo 6, Tambon Klongsok,

Ampur Panom, Suratthani


(123/1 ม.6 ต.คลองศก อ.พนม)

T: +66 (0) 88-577-6838

E: stay@khaosokecoresort.com

W: www.khaosokecoresort.com

All images credit Our Jungle Camp Eco Resort

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